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Things to know before an installation

Getting ready to install a new roof

A professional home roofing company will work as neatly and effectively as possible, but before they can start a job like that it's important to clear away any debris from your driveway so you don't have anything in the way of their progress.

If there are trees near by or small children at play who might get hurt because they're too close, make sure everyone knows to be inside during the installation. It will also be a good idea to park your cars in a different spot.

There will inevitably be dust and debris, but we'll keep the mess under control by using tarps or other materials so that your home is never exposed while we work on site. Also make sure to cover things stored in your attic so that dust does not accumulate on them.

Before our roofers get started, it’s a good idea to give your neighbors a heads up that you are replacing your roof structure. This will alert them of the noisy distractions caused by construction work happening.

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Preparing your home

Inside and outside preparation

A heavy construction on your home’s frame can cause strong vibrations that shift mirrors and photos. Removal of hanging frames or sconces are recommended to reduce the risk for an accident during installation, as well considering removing glass fixtures attached with light fixtures from upper floors where there will be work being done. Outside, you can also cover planters and flower beds around you so that dust doesn't accumulate.

Roofing contractors clean up after roof installations. They may use magnets and special rolling tools designed to pick up nails, however, anything in long grass or dirt may unfortunately get missed.

Check around your home and make sure there aren't any lingering nails sticking out where you don’t want them to. The last thing you want is a flat tire, or worse, someone to step on it. We'll walk you through these preparations in detail when you're ready to start your project.

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